Rose Apple Acres Farm - Doll Shop

     "Porcelain Dolls by Camilla" is a studio specializing in crafting antique reproduction and modern porcelain dolls, and everything the doll maker needs to complete their own doll.
      My antique reproduction dolls are painted as near to the originals as possible. Like the originals, they have blown glass eyes, mohair or human hair wigs, and are dressed in appropriate clothing to the era. I especially enjoy the Bluette doll. These little dolls were first made 115 years ago. You will see a few of my Bleuettes in the antique reproduction section with their very own gallery. There are a couple of Shirleys in the gallery also.
     Molds by Donna Rubert, Rose Pinkul, Philippe Farault, and Dianna Effner (to name a few) are the basis of my modern doll interpretations. No two dolls are exactly alike.
     I use and have available for sale the full line of Seeley products, along with Kemper, Global, and Monique products.
     Do you have an old or much-loved doll? Does she need a new wig or just a little fixing up? Visit the restoration and repair studio and see how some have been restored.
     "Making my first doll": I took my first doll making classes in 1995 at a Seeley Studio, learning about molds, pouring porcelain slip, cleaning and firing greenware, and making the porcelain beautiful so that it becomes a true antique reproduction - not for play, but for enjoyment of a treasure! It takes much time to perfect this art, but to see the doll evolve into a beautiful collectible gives a great deal of pleasure. The first doll I sold (in 1997) was "Raven"-- a sculpt by Donna Rubert. Raven, with the long black hair and dressed in an Indian Sari, stands on her pedestal in her owner's meditation room.
     Be sure to check in periodically to see new additions, and to view current and past auction offerings. If you would like to be notified of updates in the galleries, or notifications of upcoming auctions, click on the preview list button!
     Enjoy browsing! If you want to buy a doll, talk "dolls", or have a doll question, just call 802-988-4300 or email me to reserve your new friend. Click on the "links" button to visit some doll sites that I highly recommend.